Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Provisions for the journey Exodus 33:12-19

The most difficult thing for us to grasp as the people of God is that we are never sent forward without the tools that are needed to insure our success. There are at least five things recorded in this text that should encourage us as we continue on our journey for Him.
  1. God knows us by name (v 12)
  2. God shows us favor (v 12)
  3. God gives us needed insight (v 13)
  4. God gives us His presence (v 14)
  5. God grants special requests (v 18-19) "show me Your Glory"

Although the road seems difficult sometimes, it is important to remember that the God that calls us to ministry is the same God that gives what we need for Ministry. Be encouraged! The promised land is still before us!

Reverend Kevin Jones